9 Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

Are you looking for intermittent fasting weight loss before and after pictures for inspiration?

Are you planning to lose a few pounds with the help of intermittent fasting?

Nothing helps more than seeing people doing it. That’s what will encourage you to do the same because you know that it works.

Before I move ahead and show you the actual before and after images of people who lost weight with intermittent fasting, it is crucial to understand a few basic terms so that you can understand what specific type of intermittent fasting technique the individual used.

It gets easier to replicate.

The 16/8 intermittent fasting means that you will eat your dietary meals in 8 hours and will fast for remaining 16 hours. Eat-Stop-Eat means that you will fast for 24 hours, and will eat your next meal after 24 hours. 5:2 means you have to eat 500 calories only two days in a week.

There are several stories where people have lost several pounds with the help of intermittent fasting.

Let’s have a look on 9 intermittent fasting weight loss before and after pictures of people who have lost weight for real.

1. The Guy Who Lost 40 Pounds in 10 Weeks

Guy Who Lost 40 Pounds
Image Source

This man has shared his picture on Pinterest. This picture clearly reflects the magic of intermittent fasting. He went on intermittent fasting along with low carb diet and, as a result, he lost 40 pounds.

He used to eat food that is high in fiber and low in calories such as spinach, wholegrain, and non-starchy foods. He lost weight in the span of 10 weeks. That is an incredible result of intermittent fasting.

He gives total credit to intermittent fasting.

2. Cheryl Lost 25 Pounds

Cheryl Lost 25 Pounds
Image Source

Cheryl managed to lose 25 pounds with intermittent fasting. She was in a desperate struggle to lose weight. One way or the other, she learned about intermittent fasting and finally adopted this diet plan.

She used Eat-Stop-Eat intermittent fasting. She stopped eating for 24 hours couple of times in a week and, eventually, she lost 25 pounds. She told that she also used to run for 3 kilometers a day.

She fasts for 24 hours and eats low-calorie foods. She used to eat a lot of fruit and wholegrain meals during her diet. She told her secret that when you go on the Eat-Stop-Eat diet you have to remain positive just for a couple of days in a week.

3. Malan Darras Lost 20 Pounds in 2 Months

Malan Darras
Image Source

Malan Darras was unable to find a way to lose weight. By the end, he came across intermittent fasting. He went on 16/8 method. He ate for 8 hours and kept fasting for 16 hours.

Sometimes, he also went on Eat-Stop-Eat method too. He started to lose by adopting intermittent fasting. Prior to this diet, he we running and going to the gym but, by all means, he was unable to lose weight.

In the span of 8 hours, he used to eat low calorie-foods and food that is rich in fiber. He was able to lose almost 20 pounds in just two months. Now, he is a big fan of intermittent fasting.

4. Max Lost 20 Pounds

Max lost 20 pounds
Image Source

Max was able to lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks. Max says that he found intermittent fasting really helpful to reduce his cravings. When he was on diet he felt hunger all the time. But, when he went on 16/8 intermittent fasting, he was not hungry at all despite the fact that he was in fast for 16 hours.

You can see in the picture how he has made his body really fit enough by adopting intermittent fasting. He reduced his calorie intake and kept fasts. He says that sometimes he adopted 5:2 intermittent fasting method too for weight loss.

5. Lauren Lost up to 3 Pounds a Week

Lauren lost up to 3 pounds a week
Image Source

This picture reveals the success story of Lauren. This is a brilliant result of intermittent fasting. In the picture, it looks like that there are two different people but, in actuality, there is only one person.

After the delivery of a child, she started intermittent fasting. On average, she lost 2 to 3 pounds in a week. Basically, Lauren adopted 16/8 method. She used to eat low-calorie food in the window of 8 hours and kept fasting for 16 hours.

She claims that intermittent fasting has changed her life and, now, she is pretty much confident every time to lose weight.

6. He Lost 40 Pounds in 15 Weeks

he lost 40 pounds in 15 weeks
Image Source

This picture, probably, shows the real strength of intermittent fasting. This man adopted different methods of intermittent fasting and was able to lose weight more than 40 pounds in 15 weeks.

That is a glorious performance of intermittent fasting. He used to limit starchy foods and high-calorie food. He says that he was allowed to drink sugar-free tea during his fasting, though. He kept fasting usually during the night and up to midday.

7. Jeff Roberts Lost 18 Pounds with Intermittent Fasting

Jeff Roberts lost 18 pounds with intermittent fasting
Image Source

Jeff Roberts claim that he has lost more than 18 pounds through intermittent fasting. He said that he was searching for an effective diet plan for years but he was not able to get through. He adopted some diet plans and lost some pounds though but was not satisfy.

Finally, he came across intermittent fasting and got astonishing results. He says that intermittent fasting comes up with other benefits such as increasing mental clarity, improving insulin levels, and, obviously, weight loss.

He used to eat small meals in the span of 8 hours and kept fasts for 16 hours. Sometimes, he went on the Eat-Stop-Eat diet too. He suggests that if your weight is stuck during intermittent fasting, then you should go for Eat-Stop-Eat and, definitely, you‘ll lose weight.

8. Qiana Adams Lost 30 Pounds

Qiana Adams lost 30 pounds
Image Source

This picture is a glaring evidence of the success story of Qiana Adams. She was unable to lose weight and she had spent a lot of money on different weight losing scams. Finally, one day, she learned about intermittent fasting.

She has lost more than 30 pounds by adopting this dieting plan. She says that it was a magic, she was eating 100 grams of fat-more than 2000 calories- in the slot of 8 hours and she was still able to lose weight. It was a real magic, she says.

This is the strength of intermittent fasting that you are eating more than 2000 calories and still losing weight.

9. Sumaya Kazi Lost 50 Pounds in 7 Months

Sumaya Kazi lost 50 pounds in 7 months
Image Source

And, lastly, Sumaya Kazi has got the most benefit from intermittent fasting. She claims that she has lost more than 50 pounds in just 7.5 months. She has lost more than 10% of fat and around 40 inches from his body.

That is a phenomenal achievement by Sumaya Kazi. She got all these excellent results through intermittent fasting. She revealed that even she did not exercise for the first three months and yet she was able to lose weight.

At the end, all the above discussed 9 intermittent fasting weight loss before and after pictures of different people are tangible evidence that intermittent fasting plays an effective role in weight loss. People can adopt different intermittent fasting methods and these methods have their own benefits.

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