Intermittent fasting is becoming a modern diet that everyone wants to try. Books have even been published about this diet telling how it works and actual stories of people trying this diet and getting results. Over 240,000 searches on how to intermittent fast and if it works. This search has even grown.




This article will talk about the questions that you have about intermittent fasting.

This article will cover:

  • What is intermittent fasting?
  • How you can accomplish this diet.
  • What experts say about intermittent fasting?
  • Does it really work?

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Fasting is when you do not eating anything for a specific duration during the day and then eat the rest of the hours. Because of this, you can easily lose weight and gain some benefits from doing so.

Here are some facts about intermittent fasting and what it does for you.

  • Several things in your body change during fasting such as, hormone growth, insulin, and norepinephrine.
  • You can lose weight. Several studies have found you can lose weight about 8{6f6325e81006090c67b24799731aac0121cbc6cbed9a6704f5a30a9474cd8037} or more in several weeks.
  • Your chances of becoming diabetic decreases
  • Getting cancer has dropped
  • Cognitive functions improves
  • Cardiovascular disease are less likely to be a factor in your health
  • If you have inflammation, it can decrease
  • Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s diseases are less likely to affect you
  • Moreover, there is a possibility that it helps you live longer

How You Can Start Intermittent Fasting

There are several different intermittent fasting diets out there that you can try. Each one is different because some people cannot handle a high fasting diet. This diet is not to starve yourself. If you do get hungry, it is okay to eat something.

Here are some ways you can start.

  • Eat-stop-eat fast: Do at least one of these, once a week, which is a 24-hour fast.
  • 16/8 method: Pick an 8-hour window and only eat during then. However, you have to skip breakfast each day.
  • 5:2 Fast: Pick two days of the week and only eat 600 calories those two days and then the rest of the days eat regularly.
  • You want to start slow so you can get used to fasting. You can start by skipping breakfast each day or do 12-hour fasting.
  • Work up to 14-20 hour fasting each day and then when you get comfortable with that, start adding more time to your fasting.
  • You want to get up to about 16-20+ fasting time.

Here is a schedule of fasting for 16 hours in a 24 hour period while only eating for 8 of those hours:

  • 8 pm on Sunday: Finish eating the last meal
  • 11 pm on Sunday: Fasted for 3 hours, now going to bed
  • 7 am on Monday: Now waking up, fasted for 11 hours
  • 7am-12pm on Monday: Only spend 5 hours fasting
  • 12 pm on Monday: You made it! Fasted for 16 hours
  • 12pm-8pm Monday: Eat as many meals as you want as long as they meet your calorie count
  • 8 pm on Monday: Start your fasting over again with the same steps

If you are hungry, do not be afraid to stop fasting!

Water, green tea or coffee can help with the hunger if you want to try that first. Make sure the coffee and green tea have zero calories. Another thing, cold water helps you lose the weight you want to lose faster.

What Experts Are Saying

There is no secret that this diet is becoming popular. Experts are now doing their research and saying if this diet works or not. Here are what they are saying:

  • The facts listed above have been researched.
  • Experts are liking this new diet and even calling it, “the new diet of the future.
  • Books are even being published about this diet and of people trying it
  • Paleo dieters are even using and following this diet

What People Are Saying

Multiple people are trying this diet and are sharing their results online. What is great about this, is that everyday people are trying this diet and are seeing results. Not only that, but they also make mistakes, like eating when you are not supposed to.

Here are what some people are saying:

  • Some count calories while intermittent fasting
  • Skipping breakfast is now a way of life instead of thinking about it
  • Hunger used to be there, and now it is not
  • People have lost 30-100+ pounds in several months/weeks/years
  • Some only fast for one day, per week
  • Many have had slip ups
  • Some do exercise either when they are fasting or when they are done eating a meal during the meal eating time
  • The training can range from cardio or just walking 30 minutes each day

This weight loss technique is becoming popular because people are seeing results and are happy doing it. However, just like any other diet, this diet may not be the best for some individuals who have conditions.

You may have to start low, (which is what everyone recommends doing) and then work your way up to the right amount of fasting time. If you do get hungry, do not force yourself to complete the fasting. This can cause you to faint or have other complications. It is okay to “break the rules” when it comes to your health.

I also want to add that everybody is different when it comes to dieting. Some have lost much weight during the first few months when others have only lost a pound or didn’t see any results until the first month was over with. The key to any other diet is patience.

If you love the diet and it is working for you, then you will have results. You just have to be patience with your body.