Beachbody On-Demand Weight Loss & Fitness Program

For the past 5+ years, I have been working online from my home. What I do? I am primarily a digital marketer and have a flair for blogging. I have clients based all over the world and I love them all.

Since I work from my home, I don’t get the time to walk or do exercise. I spend most of the day sitting on the sofa or at my desk. This is how I make money so I rarely go out. I prefer talking to my friends on social networks instead of visiting them. I prefer buying online.

I do everything from my laptop.

Eventually, I started gaining weight. Initially I ignored it but I had to think about it seriously because I was gaining weight at a pace that was unbelievable.

I joined my local gym but I was unable to keep up with it. I just don’t have the time to visit gym every single day.

I cancelled my membership after two months.

Money wasted……

I then purchased dumbbells and a treadmill. This time, I was serious and passionate. For the first few days, it did work but gradually I started losing interest. It was not a good idea. I realized that I am not into this exercise thing.

More money wasted…..

I tried taking weight loss supplements. None of them worked.

This time I wasted a lot of money – seriously…..

Finally, I realized that I am on the wrong track. I thought of controlling my diet and reducing carbs. I did and it worked. But it brought with it tons of other issues such as low blood sugar, poor digestion, etc.

I lost weight but I lost my health too. I felt as if I am not strong enough from inside.

I then switched to 3 Week Diet. It worked finally because now I do not cut food. I just fast half day and for the rest of the day, I eat my favorite foods. Initially, it was not easy to chart a plan but I must say that Nate is a nice guy. I sent him a couple emails and he responded quickly.

I am now losing weight at a decent pace and I do not do any exercise. I eat what I like to. I’m loving my life.

Wise Jug is dedicated to all such people who want to make their lives healthy and want to lose weight but have no idea how to do it.

Happy eating.