When I posted these 5 detailed diet charts for losing weight fast, I received several emails from men asking me to post weight loss diet chart for males only. So here I’m.

As I was searching for diet charts for men, I noticed a big problem with those diet charts that they only give you the meal plans and do not discuss the nutrition levels and effectiveness of foods in the chart. You know what you’ve to eat but you’ve no idea why you’ve to eat those foods stated in the diet chart.

So it was challenging for me to find the best weight loss diet chart for males that have all the details available to them.

This is a proven diet chart for a week and you will take all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. It will help you start losing weight in the first week. Once you’re on the right track, things will become easier and you’ll continue losing weight at a decent pace every week.

Let’s dig deep and see what this diet chart has to offer you.

One Week Diet Chart

This is the complete 7-day diet chart for men that will help you lose weight like never before. Let’s discuss what you’ve to consume on each day.

Day 1: Fruits

Day 1 is a fruit day. You need to eat fruits and nothing else. You’re free to eat any fruits except banana because banana is full of carbohydrates and it is not preferable on the very first day of dieting.

You must eat fruits that are high in fiber such as apples. You must also prefer fruits that contain high antioxidants such as strawberry, avocado, and blueberries. Watermelon is also an excellent fruit.

NCBI has shown that apple is an excellent food for weight loss. According to a study by CBN, strawberries are very effective for weight loss.

Day 2: Vegetables

Day 2 is the vegetable day. You should add vegetables in all your meals for this day. All the vegetables are allowed, however, you should avoid vegetables that are starchy such as cauliflower and potato.

Broccoli, spinach, and cucumber should be consumed in high amount because these vegetables are rich in antioxidants and aids substantially in weight loss.

Center for disease control and prevention has found in a study that broccoli is an excellent vegetable for weight loss. Therefore, you must eat broccoli in high amount.

Day 3: Vegetables and Fruits

Eat vegetables and fruits on the third day. You should cover your three meals by eating fruits and vegetables. One meal should be composed of fruits and remaining two meals must contain vegetables.

Yes, you can eat fruits as snacks as well. But, again, you are not allowed to eat bananas.

Studies have shown that eating vegetables and fruits boost the metabolic rate and, as a result, the body starts losing weight. Therefore, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables on your third day of diet chart.

Day 4: Banana and Milk

Now, the wait is over, you are allowed to eat bananas on the fourth day. But, you must make sure that you are not eating more than 8 bananas because, as said earlier, banana is high in carbohydrate and it can increase your insulin level that can result in an obstacle for weight loss.

You should drink low-fat milk too. Consume 2 bananas and a glass of milk for one meal. Additionally, you can take vegetarian soup too on the fourth day.

Research has shown that bananas contain a low level of glycemic index that plays a vital role in weight reduction process. Banana is also capable of maintaining blood sugar level if eaten smartly.

Day 5: Beef

The fifth day is the protein day.

You have eaten a lot of fruits and vegetables during the first four days but, now, it is time for proteins. You should eat lean beef on the fifth day.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, lean beef can help you lose weight because it contains proteins that your body needs to perform certain functions.

Adding beef to your diet will keep the insulin levels at the lower side and, consequently, your body will burn more fat.

Did I tell you that you can also eat tomatoes on the fifth day?

Day 6: Beef and Vegetables

You should eat beef and vegetables. You can eat one meal of vegetables and other meals with beef and vice versa. This day is a mix of carbohydrates and proteins.

Day 7: Fruits and Vegetables

You’ve to eat fruits and vegetables. Again, this is a vegetarian day, you shouldn’t eat any type of meat at all on the last day.

You can eat one meal with fruits and other two meals with vegetables and vice versa. Cucumber, broccoli, and spinach are loaded with antioxidants that are vital for weight loss. Try eating them. Eat low-carb fruits such as avocados as they’re said to be great for weight loss.

You must avoid vegetables that are high in carbohydrates such as sweet potato, potato, peas, and cauliflower.


This diet chart is a very healthy and helps weight loss. It maintains the balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and it uses all the healthy foods. You cannot deny the importance of fruits, vegetables, milk, and meat.

This is a real no-brainer weight loss diet chart for men because it will provide all the mandatory nutrition to men in the right proportion and at the right time. This is what your body needs.