Vega Essentials Shake ReviewIn this Vega Essentials Shake review, we delve into all the details you want to know about this product. From the taste of the product’s flavors to the nutritional value and average price of Vega Essentials Shake, our mission is to conduct in-depth reviews on in-demand vegan protein powder products. As one of the newest additions to Vega’s family of products, Vega Essentials Shake is in the spotlight and many savvy protein powder consumers want to know: How good does it taste? How good are its ingredients? And is it worth the price?

Vega Protein & Greens with the taste and recovery benefits of Vega Clean Protein and Vega Sport Protein. For more details about the product’s ingredients and nutritional value, taste, and cost, check out our Vega Essentials Shake review below.

Nutrition Review: What Are Vega Essentials Shake Ingredients?

Vega Essentials Shake Protein Review

Providing 20 grams of plant-based protein in a single scoop serving, Vega Essentials Shake mostly consists of pea protein, flax protein, and hemp protein. In addition to these three primary protein sources, the concentrated fruits and vegetables help round out the blend by providing a greater diversity of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Although the amino acid profile is not available on the product’s label, one could approximate that Vega Essentials Shake contains upwards of 3.5 to 4 grams of branched chain amino acids (both pea and hemp are fairly strong in BCAA’s compared to most plant-based proteins.)

Definitely worth highlighting in this Vega Essentials Shake review is the Fruit & Vegetable blend. This wicked-awesome concoction contains quinoa, Acerola cherry, carrot, spinach, broccoli, beet, tomato, apple, cranberry, orange, blueberry, strawberry, and mushroom. So if you’re wondering where the three servings of vegetables is coming from, there it is.

There is only 1 grams of naturally-occurring sugar, but the product is sweetened with other natural and calorie-free sources. The first is… you guessed it: stevia extract. The other sweetener is monk fruit extract. Almost all Vega products are sweetened with stevia. For some consumers who are sensitive to stevia, this can be a major deal breaker. For others, it helps give the product a nice flavor that keeps the earthy undertones at bay.

Also found in other Vega protein powder reviews that we’ve conducted, Vega Essentials Shake is non-GMO Project Verified, certified vegan, gluten-free, and comes in a tub made from 100{6f6325e81006090c67b24799731aac0121cbc6cbed9a6704f5a30a9474cd8037} recycled plastic. Unfortunately, not all of this product’s wonderful ingredients are certified organic. There are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. However, the protein powder does contain “natural Flavors” which can sometimes raise a red flag to particularly conscious consumers. Conversely, such additives are just all too common in the vegan protein powder marketplace, Vega has a great reputation for high-quality products that are sourced mindfully.

Vega Essentials Shake Ingredients Review

In conclusion of Vega Essentials Shake’s nutritional review, overall this product offers a powerful blend of ingredients that goes well beyond most protein supplements. You’ll be hard pressed to find a vegan protein powder with such a vast spectrum of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, as well as a strong protein blend. Without much question, Vega Essentials Shake’s nutritional review rating is a sure five out of five.

Flavor Review: Does Vega Essentials Shake Taste Good?

There are three total flavors in the family of Vega Essentials Shake: Vanilla, Mocha, and Chocolate. Unlike some of Vega’s other products, like Vega Protein & Greens and Vega Protein Smoothie, I appreciate the Essentials Shake concentrating on just a few solid flavors. Perhaps it’s just me, but tropical and berry flavored protein powders can be risky, as they don’t always pair well with certain applications.

If and when you peel back the seal on a tub of Vega Essentials Shake, do not be misled when you smell its earthy and questionably-palatable aromas. Unlike this review I did on Vega Sport Protein where both the aroma and flavor was very sweet, Vega Essentials Shake is stealthy and hard to read at first. Overall, the product is in fact semi-sweet. But more importantly, Vega Essentials Shake is smooth and delicious tasting (especially considering the high concentration of fruits and vegetables.) I found the level of sweetness to be perfect in this vegan protein powder. It’s not too sweet, but it’s also not too bland, either. Vega Essentials Shake offers easy mix-ability and a smooth, creamy texture, making it a win in the flavor review category.

Vega Essentials Shake Vanilla Review Vega Essentials Shake Vanilla Review

Vanilla is naturally my first choice when purchasing protein powder products. So as one could expect, my Vega Essentials Shake Vanilla review was up against maybe thirty of forty other vanilla-flavored protein powders. The first thing I noticed about the flavor is that it was only semi-sweet and taste of vanilla is subtle and smooth. Any earthy flavors from the Fruit & Vegetable blend are impressively masked, as the overall taste is very smooth. If you’ve ever had angel food cake, that’s first thing that came to mind when reviewing Vega Essentials Vanilla. Just imagine a much less sweet version of angel food cake, and in a liquid form.

Similar to Vega’s two other more popular products, Vega Clean Protein and Vega Sport Protein, I found Vega Essentials Shake to have a very refined powder texture, like that of dust. If you happen to spill some of the power on your countertops, then you’ll know what I am talking about. But because of this refined texture, the powder mixes easily into liquid with very little clumping. This gives Vega Essentials Shake Vanilla a very smooth and velvety texture that can be used in a number of applications.

While usually gravitate toward sport protein powders with a high concentration of amino acids, Essentials Shake is now on my radar for its taste and nutrient complexity. I enjoy adding it to oatmeal and peanut butter, fruit smoothies, or simply just mixing it with almost milk as pudding snack. Vega Essentials Shake Vanilla offers a welcoming flavoring agent with a nice boost of clean protein. I highly recommend to anyone who likes vanilla-flavored vegan protein powders.

Vega Essentials Shake Chocolate Review Vega Essentials Shake Chocolate

During my tasting review of Vega Essentials Shake Chocolate, I found the texture to be just as smooth as the Vanilla flavor. Much to my surprise, the flavor profile was also a win. While some Vega products have more of creamy milk chocolate taste, Vega Essentials Shake Chocolate is slightly more in the realm of dark chocolate with subtle bitterness and earthy undertones. Nonetheless, it’s still very smooth and versatile, lending to one of the better tasting chocolate vegan protein powders.

Like any good Vanilla protein powder, Vega Essentials Shake Chocolate is suitable flavor for just about any creative application. After trying the product on its own with unflavored almond milk, I then combined it with oatmeal topped with a dollop of peanut butter. It was a match made in heaven, as it transformed my bowl of oats into something very special. While I rarely purchase chocolate-flavored protein powders, this one I would buy again in the future.

Flavor Review Rating 5 out of 5

Price Review: How Much Does Vega Essentials Shake Cost?

Often times, protein powders that are infused with a lot of concentrated fruits and vegetables are priced a little higher. This is not the case for Vega Essentials Shake. Because its price is different depending on the retailer (especially if you buy the product on Amazon where prices fluctuation depending on seller), I can’t mention an exact amount. However, I can give you general price range and value rating of the cost Vega Essentials Shake with respect to its overall nutritional value, taste, volume – all compared against similar vegan protein powders.

On the complete spectrum of vegan protein powders, Vega Essentials Shake is priced right about average in the mid $30 range (which is what it’s typically at on Amazon.) I paid for it at a local retailer while it was on sale for $29, but on average, it’s typically never higher than $40 and rarely drops below $30.

Depending on what flavor of Vega Essentials Shake you buy, a standard size tub offers only 17-18 servings per unit. This too is about average, as some products offer well over 20 servings (with over 20 grams of protein per serving) while some are as low as 15. Still, you’re getting a very nutritious product that offers a robust portfolio of ingredients, and with good taste (in my opinion). As such, Vega Essentials Shake earns a 4 out of 5 on the value rating.

Price Review Rating: 4 out of 5


Have you had Vega Essentials Shake protein powder? Let me know what what you think of this product in the comments below. Also check out some of the related plant-based protein powders listed for comparable ideas.

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Vega Essentials Shake Review
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Rating: 4.7 out of 5