vega clean protein reviewsIf you’re seeking the ultimate Vega Clean Protein review, then we’ve got you covered. Here our mission is to conduct deep reviews of some of the most high-demand plant-based protein powder products. As one of the most recent additions to the Vega product family, Vega Clean Protein has generated quite a bit of buzz.

Vega Clean Protein includes the full amino acid profile on the label. As a recovery-minded individual myself, I gravitate toward vegan protein powders with all essential amino acids and a good amount of BCAAs. Beyond aminos, this vegan protein powder provides a solid nutritional base with a very clean taste.



Nutrition Review: What Are Vega Clean Protein Ingredients?

vega clean protein ingredients review

Boasting 25 grams of plant protein per serving, Vega Clean Protein is a simple four-ingredient protein blend that contains: pea protein, hemp protein, pumpkin seed protein, and alfalfa protein. This rather unique protein combination is the foundation to the product’s complete amino acid profile. Few products use hemp protein with such stealth inclusion, as there’s no earthy taste or gritty texture to it.

Supporting the product’s recovery-promoting capabilities, one serving of Vega Clean Protein Powder has precisely 4.45 grams of BCAAs (1170 mg Isoleucine, 2025 mg Leucine, and 1260 Valine mg) and 4 grams of l-glutamine. It also contains bromelain, a digestive enhancing anti-inflammatory that’s common in foods like pineapple.

There’s 2 grams of naturally-occurring sugar, however the primary source of sweetness comes from stevia extract. Unlike other Vega protein powder products which are a little strong and stevia-forward, Vega Clean Protein is very tame and probably tolerable for most individuals who are sensitive to this common sweetener.

While it could go without saying (based on the ingredients), Vega Clean Protein is gluten-free and certified vegan. It’s also a non-GMO vegan protein powder, which isn’t always the case in comparable products on the market. But unfortunately it is not certified organic.

vega clean protein amnio acid review

There are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. However, the protein powder does contain “natural Flavors” which can sometimes be sourced in mysterious and questionably-ethical ways. Some meticulous consumers immediately balk at natural flavoring, but such additives are just all too common in the world of plant-based protein powders. Nonetheless, Vega does have a reputation for high-quality products that are mindfully sourced and sold by people who care.

In closure of Vega Clean Protein’s nutritional review, this is one of the most simple yet well put-together products. It offers a quality spectrum of amino acid-rich proteins, lending to a solid vegan protein powder with BCAA. And with its smooth texture and delicious flavor, Vega Clean Protein lives up to it’s name in keeping it “Clean.”

Nutritional Review Rating: 5 out of 5


Flavor Review: Does Vega Clean Protein Taste Good?

There are two flavors in the family of Vega Clean Protein: Vanilla and Chocolate. I appreciate Vega keeping it simple in offering my two favorite flavors. Maybe it’s just me, but berry and other tropical flavored protein powders are sometimes weird tasting.

The overarching theme in reviewing the taste of Vega Clean Protein was that both Vanilla and Chocolate flavors were “balanced.” Unlike my Vega Sport Protein Vanilla & Chocolate review where both flavors are definitely on the sweet end of the spectrum, I found the level of sweetness to be perfect in this product. It’s not too sweet, but not too bland, either. Combined with a smooth, creamy taste and easy absorbability, Vega Clean Protein is a win in the flavor review category.

Vega Clean Protein Vanilla Review vega clean protein vanilla review

Vanilla is typically my go-to flavor when purchasing plant-based protein powders. As such, my review of Vega Clean Protein Vanilla was to be compared with probably twenty or thirty other vanilla-flavored protein powders. The flavor profile is subtle and not overbearing, but still vanilla bean-forward with layers of almond and nutty notes. Like mentioned above, it’s not too sweet, but just sweet enough to give a vegetable dense smoothie some tasty flavoring.

Like Vega’s Sport Protein, I noticed that Vega Clean Protein has a very refined powder texture, like nutritious form of dust. As a result, the protein powder easily mixes into liquid with no clumping. This gave Vega Clean Protein Vanilla a very smooth and velvety texture that’s universally applicable to just about anything.

Now one of my new favorite protein powders, I enjoy adding it to smoothies, oatmeal, and chia seeds. Vega Clean Protein Vanilla offers nice flavor additive with a boost of clean, plant-based protein. I highly recommend to anyone who likes vanilla-flavored vegan protein powders.

Vega Clean Protein Chocolate Review vega clean protein chocolate review

During my tasting review of Vega Clean Protein Chocolate, I found the texture to be just as smooth as Vanilla. The flavor profile was a win, too, as the taste was like creamy milk chocolate and also modestly subtle in intensity. It’s reminiscent to a mellow Belgian chocolate flavor that’s not bitter, earthy, nor intense.

Like Vanilla, Vega Clean Protein Chocolate pairs well with a wide range of applications. After trying it with unflavored almond milk, I combined it with oatmeal topped with a dollop of peanut butter. While I typically don’t buy chocolate-flavored protein powders, this one I would purchase again.

Flavor Review Rating 5 out of 5


Price Review: How Much Does Vega Clean Protein Cost?

Because the price of Vega Clean Protein powder is different depending on the retailer (especially if you buy the product on Amazon where there are many different sellers), I am unable list a specific price tag. But what I can do is give you value rating of the cost Vega Clean Protein with respect to its overall quality, volume, and comparability to other vegan Clean protein powders.

On the complete spectrum of vegan protein powders, Vega Clean Protein is slightly on the higher end. You won’t see it for more than the mid $30 range, which is what I paid for it at a local retailer. But I have seen it on Amazon in the high $20 range.

The only issue is that the most common size of Vega Clean Protein is a small 18.3 ounce tub with only 15 servings per unit. Vega does offer this product in a massive 3.43 pound tub (which usually runs in the high $60 range), offering a slightly better value. Compared to other plant-based protein powders in its class, that’s somewhat of a premium purchase, but still not a bank breaker. As such, Vega Clean Protein earns a 4 out of 5 on the value rating.

Price Review Rating: 4 out of 5


Have you had Vega Clean Protein Powder? Let me know what what you think of this product in the comments below. Also check out some of the related plant-based protein powders listed below.

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Vega Clean Protein Review
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Rating: 5 out of 5