In this renegade diet review, I’ll cover everything that you need to know about the renegade diet book by Jason Ferruggia. The review will cover the features of the diet, how it works, who should use it, its pros, cons, and will it really work if you start using it today.

Let’s get started.

Renegade Diet Overview

The core issue with most of the diets is that you lose muscles too – not just the stubborn fat. This ruins your physique.

This is what a lot of people complain about different diets such as low carb diet, ketogenic, intermittent fasting, high-protein diet, and the vegan diet.

It gets challenging to lose fat while building muscles so that you’ve a lean fat-free muscular body that just looks awesome. This is where renegade diet comes in.

It is a perfect diet for those who want to lose fat without losing muscles. This is what the whole purpose of the diet is – nothing fancy.

Makes sense?

Keep reading to find out how exactly you can achieve a perfect muscular body with renegade diet.

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The Renegade Diet Book

It is a professional diet course released by Jason Ferruggia that primarily focuses on the healthy eating habits and healthy foods that will keep you fit – forever.

One of the best things about the renegade diet is that you don’t have to stick to a strict diet, instead, it focuses on healthy eating habits and changing your lifestyle so that you don’t feel as if you’re on a diet.

The renegade book comprehensively describes the strategies that you should adopt to lose weight and build your muscles. It is not impossible to lose fat and build muscles simultaneously. I know you’ve always read and heard from the ‘experts’ that burning fat and building muscles don’t go hand in hand, but let’s just forget whatever you know for a moment and try to understand what renegade diet has to offer.

This will make it easy for you to make sense of the process behind the diet.

The diet talks at the individual level, this is what I love about it.

You’ll know how much carbs you’ve to consume based on your body requirements and what types of foods to eat. This makes it an extremely simple-to-follow diet out there.

You’ll be treated at a personal level.

Scientific Support

There are several studies that suggest sticking to a healthy eating pattern. Unlike the low-carb and strict diets, the studies support to eat healthy foods in order to lose weight. This is because healthy foods provide all the essential vitamins and minerals to your body to stay active.

US National Library of Medicine has published a study that clearly indicates that healthy eating improves body muscles and helps with weight loss. The renegade diet solely focuses on healthy diet and healthy eating patterns to lose weight and shape your body perfectly.

Apart from the scientific support, there are plenty of reviews and success stories on the internet that show the strength of renegade diet.

About the Author

Jason Ferruggia The Renegade Diet

The renegade diet book is authored by Jason Ferruggia.

There is no doubt about the fact that the credibility of the author is of paramount importance. Ferruggia is a professional fitness advisor and a renowned nutritionist. Ferruggia almost spent 20 years in the fitness industry where he helped thousands of people, including celebrities, in changing their lives and bodies.

He introduced the renegade diet book after years of experiments and consultations with the elite nutritionists from the fitness industry. He had already published a lot of fitness related articles in different magazines. He has appeared on several TV and radio programs as a fitness expert and advisor.

Men weight loss and muscle gain are his expertise. This is what he has been doing for past couple decades. Ferruggia clearly reveals in his book that he introduced the book after a long hectic research because people were unable to find a diet that is complete in every aspect.

Since he is a fitness advisor that’s why he discussed all the diet related points in detail and in an easy-to-understand approach.

How Renegade Diet Works

Unlike the other traditional diets, the renegade diet plan works in a different way. Let’s discuss in detail how it works.

1. Building Muscles

The problem with the traditional muscle building diets is that you’ll start gaining weight. It has been proved that people gain two pounds of fat for a single pound gain in muscle.

The beauty of the renegade diet is that you’ll not gain fat, instead, you’ll gain muscles.

The reason behind this great success is that people use different muscle building supplements and foods that eventually lead to weight gain. Traditional diets and the diet advisors focus on muscle building and they overlook your weight. As a result, you’ll gain muscles but you’ll also put on a lot of weight.

This puts you in a never-ending loop.

The renegade diet targets this very issue.

It will offer you a diet that helps in gaining muscles by maintaining your weight. If you need to gain muscles and lose the weight, the renegade diet is for you.

2. Losing Muscles

Another drawback of the traditional diets is that if you’ll try losing weight, you’ll start losing your muscles. It is quite clear that whether you try to increase muscles or try to burn fat, your muscles or your weight will be affected.

You’ll not face such kind of problems if you try the renegade diet to burn fat. Consider yourself covered if you’ll stick to renegade diet.

Ferruggia has published several articles that the renegade diet focuses on foods that include a lot of proteins and essential minerals that are mandatory to maintain or build muscles.

The foods in the diet contain low fats and low carbs. That is the main reason that leads to weight loss and muscle gain. Traditional diet plans focus on losing weight and ‘miss the nutrition’ that is crucial to maintain/build muscles.

3. No Low-Carb Diet

There are several low carb diets can help you lose weight quickly. People usually feel that these low-carb diet plans are perfect to lose weight. It is true, you’ll lose weight since you consume low carb foods. This system works fine naturally.

A low carb diet might damage your body physically and/or mentally. Quite contrary to the low carb diets, the renegade diet doesn’t advocate eating low carb foods for losing weight. It strongly opposes the low-carb diets because carbohydrates are essential for your body too. They only harm you when used excessively.

Ferruggia explained in a TV interview that low carb diets have very severe side-effects on human body. This is the major reason why you’ll lose weight but you’ll not get the fitness level as you expect.

To remain fit and healthy, it is very important to avoid low carb diets and eat healthy.

4. Focus on Stubborn Body Fat

The renegade diet focuses on stubborn body fat including belly fat, chest fat, and hip fat. Ferruggia introduced unique foods and techniques that help you get rid of the stubborn fat forever.

The diet will help you change your living habits so that you can easily follow diet and techniques that are perfect to lose body fat. You have to change your living style and habits to get the best results.


There are several benefits of using renegade diet plan.

It Promotes Healthy Eating

It encourages you to eat a lot of foods that will help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle. In fact, the diet claims that you can eat whatever you want and you’ll still be able to lose weight.

It Helps with Weight Loss

If you’re struggling to lose weight, there is nothing better than renegade diet book. The reviews are very encouraging. People claim that they lose weight quickly as soon as they start using the diet.

Maintains Fitness

The greatest benefit of this diet is that you’ll maintain a perfect and balanced body. You’ll not lose a lot of muscles in an effort to lose weight.


Unlike the benefits, the drawbacks of the renegade diet are very rare. Let’s discuss some of the problems that people went through.

Fasting is Unattractive

Some part of the diet focuses on fasting that might be unattractive and difficult. The good news is that the fasting section of the book is not applicable to everyone so you might not have to fast at all.

Not for Everyone

The renegade diet is all about tweaking your living habits and changing your lifestyle. This might not be possible for everyone. For instance, if you’re too busy, it might not work for you.

Who Should Use the Renegade Diet?

Renegade diet is primarily for men. This diet is not for females.

Ferruggia introduced this diet program to achieve the fitness goals. People who want to lose weight and gain or maintain their muscles should follow this diet. Ideally, this diet is perfect for bodybuilders, models, athletes, and actors.

Renegade Diet Reviews

Roddy May

Roddy May lost 36lbs after using the renegade diet. He was unable to lose weight after a fatal accident but renegade did the trick for him.

Alyson Iannacone

Alyson Iannacone found the renegade diet plan effective and easiest to follow. It helped her remain in great shape without messing her social life. This is a proof that females can use renegade diet too.

Thomas Engberts

Thomas Engberts gained 23 pounds of pure muscle with the help of renegade diet. This is just unbelievable. He loves the energy that he feels his body has. This is the best part of the diet, you don’t feel down and low since you eat healthy foods.

Does Renegade Diet Work?

Honestly speaking, this is one of the latest and an advanced diet that works perfectly. If you’re consistent, you’ll achieve your goals without any doubt.


I’ll conclude my renegade diet review by quoting Adam Bornstein of LiveStrong:

“Forget what you think you know about dieting and read this book…”

Yes, read it.

You cannot tell how good (or bad) it is without reading it. Reviews and other people’s opinion and success stories don’t matter – what really matters is that you take the time and read it yourself.

Not just that you’ve to read it but you’ve to follow what’s written in it.

Grab it here and experience the change in you!

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