orgain protein powder reviewsIf you’re looking for an honest, unbiased, and comprehensive Orgain Protein Powder review, then look no further. Here at the Vegan Protein Powder Review, we provide in-depth reviews of many different plant-based products. This is an extensive review of Orgain Protein Powder, which is actually one of the best-selling vegan protein powders on Amazon, out-performing brands like Vega, Garden of Life, and Sunwarrior.

There’s an interesting back story behind Orgain and its protein products. The founder, Andrew Abraham, M.D., was a cancer patient who struggled to find clean, plant-based protein powder products with no-additives. To make the story short, he set out to create his own. Years later, Orgain was born and quickly emerged onto the market with a bang.

Unlike some products I have reviewed, Orgain Organic Protein Powder is an affordable option with several delicious flavors to choose, such Sweet Vanilla Bean, Creamy Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter, and more. It’s unique in that it uses of both monkfruit extract and stevia as sweeteners, while packing quality sources protein like hemp, pea, and chia.

Somewhere in the marketing materials of this product, Orgain mentions how it set out to make a plant-based protein powder that tastes like a milkshake. And having heard a number of rave reviews from friends who have tried Orgain protein powder, I was excited to review the product for myself.



Nutrition Review: What Are Orgain Organic Protein Powder Ingredients?

The protein base for this line of products is Orgain’s proprietary Organic Protein Blend™: organic pea protein, organic brown rice protein, organic chia seed, and organic hemp protein. While the product labeling doesn’t specify the amino acid profile, I assume it’s pretty good given the diverse combination of protein sources.

orgain organic protein powder ingredients review

Although last on the list of ingredients, hemp protein and chia protein are both very amino-rich. And combined with a pea and rice protein combination, you can count on Orgain Organic Protein Powder to be complete with both branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and essential amino acids (EAAs).

Perhaps the main reason why Orgain protein powder tastes good is its Organic Creamer Base™ which contains organic acacia gum, organic high oleic sunflower oil, organic inulin, organic rice dextrins, organic rice bran extract, and organic rosemary extract.

orgain organic protein powder review nutritionThe organic high oleic sunflower oil grabs the attention of most savvy-consumers, so let me break it down to you. Ordinary sunflower oil is extracted from sunflower seeds and is naturally high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (which are omega-6).

In contrast, to create an oil that’s high in oleic acid, certain strains of sunflower that naturally have more monounsaturates (namely oleic acid) and less polyunsaturates are used. These are not genetically modified, but are the result of traditional plant breeding. In the world of food manufacturing, high oleic acid oils that have less polyunsaturates are used because they are less likely to go rancid or to develop off-flavors.

So the takeaway point is that they these oils do not contain GMO’s, however they are high in omega-6. And too much omega-6 fatty acids without the balance of omega-3 can be inflammatory. So if you’re consuming this product regularly, I suggest ensuring you’re also consuming high levels of omega-3s, which can be difficult to get on a plant-based diet.

Lastly, it’s also worth mentioning that there are organic natural flavors in this product. While it helps that they are organic, “natural flavors” are always somewhat of mystery, and such labeling doesn’t really mean much. Some consumers are averse to any products labeled with “natural flavors,” yet it’s all too common in the world of vegan protein powders.

A lot of other Orgain Organic Protein Powder reviews rip on this product for its ingredients. And I get. Various gums and natural flavors are less than ideal, yet all too common. From an overall standpoint in this nutritional review, Orgain Protein Powder does provide a nice protein blend. But compared other organic non-GMO vegan protein powder on the market, it isn’t outstanding. A such, I give it a 4 out of 5.

Flavor Review: Does Orgain Organic Protein Powder Taste Good?

orgain organic protein powder review vanilla

There are five enticing flavors of Organic Organic Protein Powder: Natural Unsweetened, Peanut Butter, Iced Matcha Latte, Creamy Chocolate Fudge, and Sweet Vanilla Bean. While all of these flavors sound amazing, in this Organic Protein Powder review I only cover the latter two.

Orgain Sweet Vanilla Bean Review

Upon my first flavor review of Orgain Sweet Vanilla Bean, it was hard not to believe that there isn’t dairy in this protein powder because it does taste like a vanilla milkshake. It’s sweet, smooth, creamy, and delicious. In fact, it’s one of the best vegan protein powders that I’ve had in terms of taste.

The vanilla bean flavor is forward, so if you like vanilla-flavored protein powders, this is a great choice. It’s pretty sweet tasting, but the stevia is very well-balanced and doesn’t yield a lingering aftertaste. Overall, my Orgain Sweet Vanilla Bean Review was a win. And as a result, I frequently buy this product because of it’s taste, nutrition, and overall value.

Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge Review

orgain protein creamy fudge review

Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge was equally as creamy and delicious as the Sweet Vanilla Bean flavor. The flavor profile struck a chord with its cocoa-forward taste that was neither milk chocolate or dark chocolate, but a good middle-of-the-road.

I would lean more on the side of comparing it to a very smooth Dutch chocolate, which is more on the dark side. However, it’s not bitter or earthy. While I usually opt for Vanilla flavored products, Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge was a great experience that I would revisit again.

Flavor Review Rating 5 out of 5


Price Review: How Much Does Orgain Protein Powder Cost?

Like I hinted at above, Orgain Protein Powder provides a great value for the price. Because the price of Orgain Organic Protein Powder fluctuates (especially if you buy the product on Amazon where there’s a number of sellers), I am unable list a specific price tag. But what I can do is give you value rating of how I perceive the cost with respect to the quality and volume of the product.

Orgain Organic Protein Powder is a more on the low end compared to other vegan protein powders. It’s usually priced around $30 range, sometimes more, sometime less (especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member.) It comes in a 2 pound tub with 20 double scoop servings, which is pretty good. And given the fact that it’s quality, non-GMO vegan protein blend that offers incredible taste and in many options, the product is a great value worth trying.

Price Review Rating: 5 out of 5


Have you had Orgain Protein Powder? Let me know what your experience was in the comments below. Also check out some of the related plant-based protein powders listed below.

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