One of the primary ways to lose weight is to burn calories. Walking daily seems to be a good idea for to burn a few calories every single day but how to incorporate walking in your daily routine to lose weight seems a big challenge.

There are a number of ways you can look at incorporating more walking into your daily routine. Let’s look at some of the best and the easiest ways to incorporate walk in your daily routine to lose weight quickly.

Make It More Interesting

One of the reasons why people do not like walking is because they find it boring. You can make your walk interesting by exploring new parts of your city or finding a walking trail where you can watch the sunset. You could even take a trip to the mall and walk around window shopping.

Make It Productive

When you walk, you can do something that is a bit more productive at the same time. You could take your dog for a walk or listen to your iPod or audio books. You could also use this time to call your parents or make other calls that you might have been putting off.

Make It a Routine

You should forget about those walking apps that you downloaded because they are very easy to ignore. What you should do is put up a calendar and mark off the days when you walk. You could also have a reward system for yourself where you give yourself a gold star for each 150-minute walk that you take.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Instead of walking in the shoes that you already have, try buying a pair of more expensive sneakers. This will motivate you to walk because you do not want the money you have spent to go to waste.

Make It Convenient

Setting aside time for walking is something that not everyone is able to do. This is why you should be prepared to walk at any time and keep a pair of sneakers in your office, car and by your front door. This allows you to go walking when you have the time during the day.

Look at Social Walking

Social walking can make everything more fun and you can easily create a walking club with your co-workers and neighbors. There are also a number of walking groups that you could join in your area.

When you walk with a group, you will not notice how long you are walking for because you can catch up with friends or meet new people. There are also no winners and losers when it comes to social walking which makes it less competitive than other forms of exercise.

Abandon Your Car

Once a week, you should look at ditching the car and walking. You could take the train to work one day or walk to the coffee shop over the weekend. On days when you are using your car, you should try taking the first parking space you see even if it is not the closest to your destination.

Be Aware of the Opportunities

There are opportunities to walk all the time and you need to take advantage of them. Try using the stairs instead of the elevator. You can get up and ask your colleague a question instead of sending them an email. Of course, you need to ensure that you do not startle anyone with this interaction.

Get Comfortable

Ensuring you have the right set up for a comfortable trip is important. Walking is very natural, however, it can still require the right support and the right set up. Investing in a good pair of shoes is important and is step one. If you have issues with say arches or a drop foot then ensure you buy arch lifts or a drop foot brace to contend with them and stop them flaring up again.

Try Different Forms of Exercise

Pole walking is a great idea for people with arthritis and lower back pain. The poles will reduce the strain on the knees, lower back and hips. Walking with poles will also increase your oxygen consumption, heart rate and the number of calories you expend.

Walk in Place While You Wait

When in line at the store or waiting for a bus, you can walk in place. This may seem strange and will not make you any new friends, but you will be getting your exercise for the day.

Use a Pedometer

A pedometer or Fitbit (which I highly recommend and love!) is a must because it helps you set and meet your goals. You can use the pedometer to track how far you are from 10,000 steps a day. You can also use it to track when you should reward yourself for reaching your goals.


I’m sure these 12 ways on how to incorporate walking in your daily routine to lose weight will make your life easier. There is nothing special you have to do.

Stick to these rules and leave everything behind.