Garden of Life Raw Fit reviewGreetings and welcome to the one and only Garden of Life Raw Fit review you’ll ever need. Officially labeled Garden of Life Raw Fit: High Protein for Weight Loss, this raw vegan protein powder is marketed toward a very specific audience. But does it actually work in aiding weight loss? Does it actually taste good? In this comprehensive review, we get to the bottom of it.

I was intrigued to review this gluten free, raw vegan protein powder mostly because of its “Raw Certified Organic Sprouted Protein Blend,” as well as host of other healthy concoctions. In addition to boasting a hearty 26 grams of protein per serving, Garden of Life Raw Fit also contains three unique blends that each provide a specific function (more on this in the nutrition review below).

In addition to dissecting the nutritional profile and weight loss efficacy of this product, I also review the overall palatability and taste behind four flavors of Garden of Life Raw Fit protein powder: Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, and Original. Lastly, I’ll give you a general idea of its value based on cost compared to other related products in its class. Let’s get into it.


Nutrition Review: What’s Are Garden of Life Raw Fit Ingredients?

The raw certified protein blend of Garden of Life Raw Fit is one of the most comprehensive I have ever seen in a vegan protein powder. In short, there’s a lot of clean, high-absorption, plant-based proteins – all of which are sprouted to maintain its raw label.Garden of Life Raw Fit Ingredients Review

For a complete run-down on what’s in this protein blend, you get certified organic: pea protein, sprouted brown rice protein, tapioca fiber, chia seed and sprout, flax seed and sprout, cracked-wall chlorella, amaranth sprout, quinoa sprout, millet sprout, buckwheat sprout, garbanzo bean sprout, lentil sprout, adzuki bean sprout, sunflower seed sprout, sesame seed sprout and pumpkin seed sprout protein.

In addition to a robust, raw organic protein blend, Garden of Life Raw Fit also provides a Raw Certified Organic Weight Loss & Stress Management Blend. This two-ingredient concoction of Svetol® (an organic and naturally decaffeinated green coffee bean extract) and ashwagandha. This blend helps stimulate metabolism, and combined with protein, staves-off hunger.

Garden of Life Raw Fit protein powder also features unique blends for glucose management, probiotics and enzymes. These are nice additions for both weight loss and athletic recovery from rigorous exercise.

Not only does Garden of Life Raw Fit: High Protein for Weight Loss offer a loaded spread of plant-based proteins with additional blends, but it also provides a good dose of Vitamin A, D, E, K, and magnesium. The amino acid profile for this product is actually quite impressive.

Garden of Life Raw Fit Aminos Review

With over 5 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), Garden of Life Raw Fit ranks up there with other high-performance sport protein powders designed to optimize for athletic recovery. So if you’re interested in building muscle (or maintain muscle mass while cutting weight), this product can supplement your protein needs while helping to curb hunger. In essence, it’s premium vegan protein powder with all essential amino acids.

So to answer the ultimate question behind this vegan protein powder review:

“Does Garden of Life Raw Fit protein actual work for weight loss?”

Compared to most other plant-based protein powders that I’ve reviewed – Yes. Yes it does.

For my initial flavor review of Garden of Life Raw Fit Chocolate, I dumped a single-serving packet into a post-workout smoothie. My training session that day composed of an easy 3 hour bike ride, in which case I typically need a solid meal about 1-2 hours after a full blender smoothie.

However, after consuming a serving Garden of Life Raw protein with my smoothie, I remained satisfied for almost 3 hours. Further, I didn’t add as much fat (avocado, coconut, etc.) into the blender as I usually do, so I was surprised at this product’s ability to curb hunger.

Case and point, there is definitely something to this protein powders ability to curb hunger and help facilitate weight loss. In fact, I found this product to be most effective in the category of vegan protein powders for weight loss. If you’ve tried it and felt similar effects, I would be interested in your comments below.

Nutritional Review Rating: 5 out of 5

Flavor Review: Does Garden of Life Raw Fit Taste Good?

Like all my vegan protein powder reviews, I taste each blend by mixing a small portion with neutral-flavored almond milk or coconut milk. One of the first qualities I review is the texture of the protein powder, as well as how well it stirs into the milk. Next comes analyzing the texture, taste, and overall flavor profile (or palatability).

Garden of Life Raw Fit mixed pretty well into almond milk and the texture was quite smooth. Unlike some raw vegan protein powders I’ve reviewed, I found the level of sweetness to be on point compared to most stevia-infused products. Overall, none of these protein powders were overly-sweetened with stevia.

For my review of Garden of Life Raw Fit: High Protein for Weight Loss, I bought the single-serving packs of each flavor from my local food co-op: Chocolate, Vanilla, Original and Coffee. Below is a short review of the flavor and taste of each of these options.

Garden of Life Raw Fit Chocolate Review Garden of Life Raw Fit Chocolate Review

Chocolate was my first flavor review in Garden of Life Raw Fit line-up. The Chocolate flavoring is cacao-forward and very apparent, but in a pleasant way. Robust mocha java and dark chocolate takes over the taste buds, minimizing any earthy undertones. This would be a good flavor choice if you like more decedent applications, such as adding vegan protein powder to yogurts, banana-rich smoothies, or oatmeal.

I am picky about my chocolate-flavored protein powders and their applications. However, Garden of Life Raw Fit Chocolate worked well in a smoothie containing mostly greens with handfuls of beets, strawberries, and half a banana. While I am not privy to buying chocolate protein powders on the regular, I would consider this one again in the future.

Garden of Life Raw Fit Original Review Garden of Life Raw Fit Original Review

The Original, or Unflavored, version of Garden of Life Raw Fit protein powder was my favorite. If you’ve read other reviews on this site, then you’ll know that I have an appreciation for this flavor category, especially when done right.

In the case of Garden of Life Raw Fit Original, it’s not 100{6f6325e81006090c67b24799731aac0121cbc6cbed9a6704f5a30a9474cd8037} unflavored, as the taste reminds me of a smooth eggnog with subtle hints of vanilla, nutmeg, and light cinnamon. Overall, it was quite delicious by itself with milk, and is universally applicable in fruit smoothies, decadent protein shakes, and almost anything else that could use additional protein. Not only would I recommend this unflavored protein powder, but I would buy it again in the future. It’s definitely one of my top favorite Garden of Life protein powders.

Garden of Life Raw Fit Vanilla ReviewGarden of Life Raw Fit Vanilla Review

In short, Garden of Life Raw Fit Vanilla tastes like a sweeter version of the Original. It was smooth, pleasantly egg-noggy, and layered with hints of french vanilla. I rather enjoyed this flavor, although it was a little bit sweet to be considered perfect.

Nonetheless, this protein powder would make for a nice addition to just about any smoothie combination, chia seed concoction, or flavoring for a bowl of oatmeal. If you’re considering this product and you like vanilla, then I highly suggest this flavor of Garden of Life Raw Fit protein powder.

Garden of Life Raw Fit Coffee ReviewGarden of Life Raw Fit Coffee Review

As one of the more unique flavor options on the market, Garden of Life Raw Fit Coffee piques the curiosity of many individuals. To get straight to the point, this flavor was my least favorite of them all. It was also my least favorite option in my Garden of Life Organic (Grain-Free) Plant Protein review.

Infused with Svetol® Green Coffee Bean extract, the flavor has a subtle mocha java taste but not much else going on. It tastes like a strange combination of the Chocolate and Original varieties, but with a touch of coffee bean. And while the taste wasn’t horrible, it just seemed slightly lacking and (slightly chalky). So if you’re one of those people solely interested in Garden of Life Raw Fit Coffee reviews, I hope this helps.

We can all agree that flavor is an ambiguous review category subject to one’s opinion and taste. Yet, I hope my insights help shape your purchasing decision.  With a good spread of options and couple decent flavors in the mix, Garden of Life Raw Fit edges out a 3 of 5 flavor rating in my book.

Flavor Review Rating 4 out of 5


Price Review: How Much Does Garden of Life Raw Fit Cost?

Garden of Life Raw Fit High Protein for Weight Loss ReviewBecause the price of Garden of Life Raw Fit protein powder is subject to cost fluctuations depending on the seller and flavor your choose (especially if you buy the product on Amazon), I am unable to mention a specific price tag. However, I can provide a value rating of how much this product costs versus comparable vegan protein powders.

In short, this is definitely a premium option among raw vegan protein powders that are organic, rich in aminos, and geared for weight loss. The price is a little on the high-end, but depending on where you buy it, you can find various size options ranging from 15 oz tubs upwards to 30 oz tubs. You’ll get a much better value with the large option, but of course you take a risk in buying a product you might not love. Hopefully this comprehensive Garden of Life Raw Fit protein review will help you make a confident decision.

Price Review Rating: 3 out of 5


Last Word on Garden of Life Raw Fit High Protein for Weight Loss

If you’re looking for the best vegan protein powder for weight loss, Garden of Life Raw Fit is solid option worth trying. Depending on what you like, the flavors taste good and the ingredients are effective in curbing hunger while facilitating optimal recovery.

Have you had Garden of Life Raw Fit Protein? Please share your review below!

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