Do you find it hard to take that very first step towards dieting and weight loss? The following diet success stories will inspire you to get started NOW.

75 pounds lost in 15 months

alex clary before and after weight loss

Meet Alex Clary who lost 75 pounds in 15 months. He didn’t do anything special to lose weight. He only changed his diet and it worked for him.

He tracked everything on almost daily basis. This is what helped him lose 75 pounds. He used a calorie tracking application. Clary says:

“As soon as I changed my diet, everything changed. I lost some two pounds in the first week. Another couple in next week. And so on.”

Throughout his diet plan, he never used any supplement, he never did any kind of weight loss exercise.

He didn’t follow a specific diet plan. He followed a low-carb diet plan. He simply cut the carbohydrates, junk, and started eating fruits and vegetables. That’s it. Simply cutting the carbohydrates will do the trick.

Key takeaway

You don’t necessarily have to stick to a diet plan to lose weight but if you do, that will boost the fat burning process and you’ll see a significant reduction in weight at a much faster pace.


Deana Custer lost 85 pounds

custer diet success stories before and after

Deana Custer is a hairstylist from Washington. She was 225 lbs and it was embarrassing. She was unable to join a gym due to the nature of her job. Consequently, she was gaining weight.

“It was embarrassing,” she says. “In the beauty industry, you must look smart and fit. I was ashamed. I knew I was the one who has to take the first step. I wanted to lose weight for my career and for my self-esteem.”

She did.

She switched to vegetables. She cooked meat with vegetables for the dinner. Next day, she used to eat the leftovers. This slight change in her lifestyle helped her lose 30 pounds. Encouraging, right?

But Custer wasn’t satisfied. She wanted to lose more.

She then joined a local gym by taking special permission from her boss. Luckily, her boss joined the gym too and that’s where things started to get interesting. She lost another 55 pounds.

She is now 140 pounds and still follows the same lifestyle. She is happier, confident, and is loving her life. Custer says:

“I feel great in whatever I wear. I don’t get any back pain now and I’m more confident than I used to be.”

Key takeaway

Low carb diet helps lose weight but if you complement it with exercise, you’ll see real results. The best way to stick to a low carb diet is to make it a part of your lifestyle, just like Custer.