Ever wondered how do celebrities lose weight so fast after pregnancy and how do they do it perfectly every single time?

We put these stars on a high pedestal. The reason is that we are fascinated. We look up to celebrities for numerous things like:

  • Fame
  • Lifestyle
  • Bodies
  • Family

We want to be like these celebrities. We want to have everything that these celebrities have, especially the mothers who lose weight all of a sudden.

This article will talk about seven celebrities who had children and then were able to lose weight dramatically.


1. Halle Berry

Halle Berry gained 35 pounds when she was pregnant with her daughter. Berry exercised throughout her pregnancy until she was about 7 ½ months.

After she had given birth, she went back to working out by first starting out with stretching and cardio, five days a week. She then switched up the workout with:

  • Jogging on the beach
  • Hikes
  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Core Exercises
  • Lungs, jumps, and squats

Her eating habits consist of:

  • Small meals every couple of hours
  • No fried foods or sodium-rich
  • Leafy greens
  • Brown rice
  • Fish
  • Homemade soups with beans and vegetables

Halle Berry was able to get back her body she wanted in 3 ½ months.


2. Debra Messing

Debra Messing was not even trying to lose weight. She had no energy, a bad diet, and couldn’t meet the demands of her work and being a mother. She decided to change her diet, and in the end lost 20 pounds. Her diet is:

  • She eats healthy, clean foods
  • Every morning she has a green juice such as kale, spinach, ginger, lemon, cucumber, and celery
  • Her new diet has decreased the calories she intakes


3. Jennifer Lopez

Lopez gained 50 pounds with her twins. At first, like every mom after birth, she took it slow the first five months. Jennifer dropped some of her weight with just walking around. However, she bumped it up after she felt comfortable enough. Her workout was:

  • She trained for a triathlon and completed it seven months after birth
  • Her workouts are 45-2 hours a day for 4-6 days per week
  • She added lunges and squats to her workout to change it up

Her trainer has stated that Lopez did eat healthily but wasn’t on any diet. Her “not diet” consist of:

  • Eat a huge breakfast, medium size lunch, and a small dinner
  • Eat about five to seven meals a day, small meals
  • No cutting carbs
  • Eat natural foods
  • Jennifer ate whole grains, such as protein from cuts of chicken, egg whites, beef, and turkey, and brown rice


4. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum gained 35 pounds with her son. Heidi followed a program that’s called, “The Ultimate New York Body Plan.” which she did for about 2 hours a day. Part of her workout that she focused on:

  • Her thighs, butt, and belly
  • Doing exercises with squats, lunges, and stability balls
  • She also uses a rowing machine

Her diet also followed this program which was:

  • No white bread, alcohol, starchy carbs, dairy, and coffee
  • No unhealthy trans and saturated fats
  • No particular fruits
  • She ate five meals per day
  • Veggies that had small amount of starches
  • Berries, beans, egg whites, nuts, mushrooms, chicken, and salmon


5. Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi

Snooki was eating healthy all the way up until the eight-month mark. After that, she decided to give up the healthy lifestyle until her son was born. She started working out again six weeks after her son was born. She has even stated that it took her about six months to even lose weight. Her training was:

  • Weight training
  • Running about two miles
  • Leg training


6. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts gained 35 pounds when she was pregnant with her son. She was already after with this pregnancy due to having twins before. This workout was more to get back to the routine she had before this pregnancy. During her pregnancy, Julia did yoga sessions.

Her after pregnancy workout was something like this:

  • Pool workouts
  • Leg kicks around the side of the pool
  • Running in the deep water with a buoyancy belt
  • Dry land was stepped workouts to help burn calories
  • She also did a routine called “Squat with Cards.”

Julia’s trainer has stated that mothers should not start a diet right after having given birth. Roberts’ should eat real foods and eat several meals that are small through the day.


7. Milla Jovovich

Milla gained 62 pounds with her daughter. She gained the weight by eating all of her cravings, (which no one blames her)! Milla got with a trainer named, Harley Pasternak. She followed his program which is called, “5 Factor Diet and 5 Fitness Plan”. The program goes something like this:

  • Eat five meals per day
  • Workout five times per week with a minimum of 25 minutes per workout
  • Five phases of a single workout
  • Warming up which is either on a stationary bike, elliptical, or treadmill
  • Abs, lower and up body moves and then cardio again to cool down

Milla’s diet change also helped her with getting back into shape. Her diet consisted of:

  • Healthy carbs, fiber, low-fat protein, unsaturated fats that are healthy, and drinks that are calorie free
  • Some of her meal plans were pancakes made out of egg whites, cinnamon, and oats
  • Smoothie that consisted of berries for a snack
  • For lunch, a chef’s salad
  • For dinner, side salad with brown rice and a grilled salmon


All of these celebrities are just normal mothers who gain weight throughout their pregnancy. True, they have the top trainers to help push them along. However, they have the determination to change their diet and lifestyle to achieve their goals.

You can have the best physical trainer out there, but if you do not have the willpower, then you will never meet your goals. Diet and exercise are the key reasons why these celebrities lost all of their baby weight and you can too. Look at what you are eating, look at how much long you are exercising, and change if you do not like it.

Remember, Snooki did everything right, and it took her around six months before she started seeing any results.