AdvantraSlim is a weight loss management system by WM Nutrition that is based entirely on clinically proven ingredients, this is what they claim. The founders say that it is a weight loss drink that suppresses your appetite and increases your metabolism rate and energy while burning your body’s fat.

The brand claims that it comes with a unique and proven formula for weight loss. So is it really the best and the unique slimming drink in the town? How effective AdvantraSlim drink is and how good it is for weight loss?

Is it really what it is claimed or it is just another scam in the town?

The following AdvantraSlim review will help you get insights and decide if this is right for you.

AdvantraSlim Overview

It is a drink that comes in tiny sachets/sticks. The drink does four things:advantraslim bottle

  1. Suppresses your appetite
  2. Increases energy level
  3. Boosts metabolism rate
  4. Burns fat to release energy that your body will consume.

It works just like any other slimming product, what’s the difference then?

Nothing. Period.

It is said to be a natural drink that is helpful in burning calories and a regular use of AdvantraSlim will help you lose weight.


Every other weight loss supplement and drink will do exactly this, then why you have to stick with advantraslim? For instance, SlimFast is a leading meal replacement shake powder that comes in 4 different flavors and is a direct competitor of Advantraslim and is FAR FAR better in terms of boosting metabolism rate, appetite suppressant, fat burning effectiveness, and replaces two meals per day.

Above all, SlimFast has a clinically proven weight loss formula that makes it better than advantraslim on any given day. It has more than 2000 reviews on Amazon and a whopping 71{6f6325e81006090c67b24799731aac0121cbc6cbed9a6704f5a30a9474cd8037} people rated in 5-star and another 15{6f6325e81006090c67b24799731aac0121cbc6cbed9a6704f5a30a9474cd8037} rated it 4-star. Check it here to read all the reviews.

And guess what, Advantraslim is not available on Amazon and is only available on their official website. So you don’t get to know how good or effective it is.

AdvantraSlim Ingredients

According to the WM Nutrition , it has 3 main ingredients in its weight loss drink:

  1. Slendesta
  2. Advantra Z
  3. Caffeine

advantraslim ingredients

Slendesta and Advantra Z are the two main ingredients. Caffeine is optional since you can buy Caffeine Free pack too.

Let’s see how these two ingredients work.


It is a dietary ingredient that is primarily used for satiety. It helps you control hunger and suppress appetite. Slendesta is extracted from white potato so this is considerably safe-to-use.

Slendesta is produced by a company called Kemin. It is sold as a stand-alone ingredient and also in the form of dietary supplements.

The manufacturer of Slendesta has backed its effectiveness for weight loss by citing and referring to multiple clinical studies. A NCBI study revealed that Slendesta is a composite weight loss supplement that helps in weight loss by reducing body fat and increasing HDL.

Slendesta clinical proven studies

At the same time, there has been criticism on the effectiveness of Slendesta too. According to Liver Science, there is a lack of clinical research that could prove that it really suppresses appetite and helps in weight loss.

Needless to say, the studies in the support of Slendesta are far more than the ones against it and this is one reason why it is being used widely in the weight loss industry.


It is the bitter orange that is widely used in the weight loss supplement industry as a slimming agent. It consists of several chemicals that make it a perfect stimulating agent. Advantra Z squeezes blood vessels and increases the heartbeat which makes it a perfect ingredient to boost metabolism rate.

Researchers believe that Advantra Z in combination with caffeine and a low-calorie diet can help reduce weight. A NCBI study showed that bitter orange and p-synephrine, when used together, increase metabolism rate and burn body energy leading a reduction in weight.

So do these two ingredients make Advantraslim any good?

To some extent. There are tons of similar drinks available out there that you cannot rely on these two ingredients only. Every other weight loss supplement and slimming drink has these two ingredients, so Advantraslim isn’t an exception.

Plus, Advantraslim charges you way higher than other better slimming drinks. More on this discussed later.

How AdvantraSlim Works

With ingredients like Advantra Z, Slendesta, and caffeine, AdvantraSlim works in quite a simple way.

  1. It suppresses your appetite and makes you feel full. This is done by Slendesta which makes you feel less hungry.
  2. It increases your body’s metabolism rate and burns energy at a faster pace. This does two things. First, you become active and energetic because there is a lot of energy in your body. Second, an increase in metabolism rate means your body will quickly turn most of the food you eat into consumable energy. When your body needs more energy, it starts burning fat stored inside your body and thus, the fat burning process begins.
  3. Caffeine keeps you active, energetic and provides your body with all the energy you need since you feel full and aren’t eating too much while your body is consuming energy at a much faster rate so to avoid fatigue, caffeine is used to keep you upbeat.

You see there is no rocket science here. All slimming drinks do this, nothing special.


  • It uses natural ingredients to help you lose weight.
  • AdvantraSlim controls your hunger and provides you with enough energy to stay active throughout the day.
  • It comes in multiple flavors and different plans.
  • Easy-to-use.


  • Lack of customer reviews. It is sold on their official website so you don’t know what customers say about it and how they rate it.
  • It uses only two ingredients for weight loss which is bare minimum when it comes to slimming drinks like SlimFast. You’d need to work really hard in order to lose weight with Advantraslim only.
  • It has not a good taste. If you are someone with strong and sensitive taste buds, you won’t like advantraslim.
  • It is way expensive than several other slimming drinks.
  • No information available on their website regarding side effects, how it is manufactured, clinical studies that support the effectiveness of Advantraslim, customer reviews, and more. With minimal information about the product, it is hard to decide if it will be a good fit or not.

How to Use AdvantraSlim

It comes in the form of sachets. You’ve to consume it twice a day before taking your meal.

Here is how to use it.

  1. Add one stick/sachet in 12 to 16 ounces of cold water.
  2. Shake it well.
  3. Drink it.

The best time to take AdvantraSlim is 20 to 30 minutes before taking a meal. Better to take one stick before lunch and one before dinner. This will help you eat less. If you’ll take it after your meal, it won’t help much.

AdvantraSlim Plans

The good thing about WM Nutrition is that it provides you with several different options and plans to choose from.

The bad thing is that it is expensive. When I say expensive, I mean way expensive than most of the other slimming drinks.

Let’s see how much you will end up paying for AdvantraSlim if you choose to buy it.


advantraslim bottle

The normal package that allows you to purchase a box of AdvantraSlim. It is priced at $49.95 and comes with 30 sachets. You have to use 2 sachets a day so this means a single package will last 15 days. You will end up paying $100 a month for 2 servings a day.

Now compare this to SlimFast as available on Amazon.

The original French Vanilla flavor is available at $10.99 per canister. Each canister has 14 servings so you need 4 canisters per month which totals $44. It is nothing as compared to what you pay for Advantraslim.

Caffeine Free AdvantraSlim

Advantraslim Caffeine Free

If you don’t like caffeine or are allergic to it, you can order caffeine free box. It only contains Advantra Z and Slendesta.


Losing weight is not easy especially if you’ve a hectic routine. AdvantraSlim by WM Nutrition tries to help you in losing weight but, unfortunately, it is not one of the best slimming drinks in the town.


It is expensive. It has two main ingredients only. It has no customer reviews. It lacks supporting clinical studies. It is not as effective as some of the other slimming drinks.

Therefore, I don’t recommend Advantraslim as a weight loss drink. You can grab some other better slimming drink on Amazon like SlimFast, Garden of Life meal replacement, and several others.

Click here to buy SlimFast from Amazon that will help you lose weight in true sense.


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