Adiphene is a weight loss supplement manufactured by RDK. It is the same company that created Phen375. We have already covered Phen375 review here.

So why does RDK felt the need to create Adiphene, yet another weight loss supplement when it was already doing exceptionally well with Phen375?

What exactly does adiphene contain, how it is made, what are customers saying about it, what are its side effects, pros, cons, and how it will help you lose weight?

All this and more will be unveiled in this adiphene review.

What is Adiphene?

It is a scientifically and clinically proven weight loss supplement that has the potential to boost your metabolism. It comes loaded with powerful ingredients that will help boost the metabolism rate of your body and that’s how it helps you burn fat and lose weight.adiphene bottle

So adiphene is a weight loss supplement that comes in the form of pills.

It doesn’t just boost metabolism but it has several other benefits too which include:

  • Increase in energy levels
  • Reduction in your body’s fat absorption ability
  • A powerful fat inhibitor
  • Reduction in carbohydrate absorption
  • Appetite suppressor and hunger control

With so much to offer, adiphene looks like a great weight loss pill. Is it really true?

Well, let’s see how it works and what its ingredients are to get more insights.

How Adiphene Works

According to the manufacturer, the strength of adiphene lies in its ingredients. It has multiple ingredients that target different areas of weight loss.

It has appetite suppressant, stimulants, fat binder, thermogenic boosters, and fat metabolizers. The ingredients help your body lose weight quickly.

In a nutshell, adiphene works by boosting your body’s metabolism. As soon as you start taking adiphene pills, here is what happens.

Step #1

The metabolism rate of your body increases as a result, your body starts consuming more calories as it usually does.

Step #2

Appetite suppressant reduces your hunger so you start eating less.

Step #3

The fat and carbohydrate absorption ability of your body is reduced. This means whatever food you’ll eat, your body will absorb a minimal amount of fat and carbohydrates from it. These are the two elements that make you fat.

Step #4

Since you’re eating less and your body is burning more calories, so to make up the deficiency and to avoid low energy, adiphene will provide your body with more energy by converting a fairly large proportion of food you’re eating into consumable energy and by burning stored fat.

That’s how you’ll continue to burn fat and lose weight without dieting or exercise.

Adiphene Ingredients

So how does adiphene achieve all this and how does it make your body lose weight?

It is achieved by ingredients.

The ingredients are the magic here.


Adiphene contains 5 stimulants.

Bitter Orange

It is a widely known stimulant that is used in several weight loss supplements such as Phen375, AdvantraSlim, and others. The extract from the bitten orange plant are quite helpful and has several known uses including weight loss.

It is used in adiphene to boost metabolism and as a fat mobilizer.

Ginseng Panax Root Extract

It is an herb that is used to control blood sugar level by controlling your body’s carbohydrate metabolism rate. According to an experimental study, it helped mice lose their body weight.

It is used to suppress appetite and to maintain your body’s weight loss.

Guaranna Extract

It is an extract of a bean that is found in South America. Guaranna is rich in caffeine which helps stabilize your metabolism rate. Since it is rich in caffeine, therefore, it also helps control appetite, boost physical as well as mental performance, and increase energy level.

Another great feature of guaranna is that it forces your body to burn stored fat by boosting hormones.

Chromium Picolinate

This ingredients improves the efficiency of insulin in your body. It has the potential to increase the sensitivity and performance of insulin receptors. Therefore it helps your body to convert food into consumable energy without storing too much of it as fat. It boosts your body’s ability to breakdown fat and glucose so that a minimal amount of it is stored as fat.

Cacao Extract

The primary role of cacao is to reduce your body’s fat storage ability by increasing metabolism rate of fat. This ensures that most of the fat that you consume is converted to energy and a least portion of it is stored in your body.

Fat Metabolizers

The purpose of a fat metabolize is to increase the metabolic rate of fats so that any fat that you consume is converted to energy. Adiphene has 3 fat metabolizers.

L-carnitine HCL

It is an amino acid that is used by cells to produce energy. It ensures that the stored fat makes it way to the bloodstream where it is absorbed by individual cells.

Vitamin B6

It does two things. First, it boosts metabolism rate of your body. Second, it increases your body’s ability to burn excessive fat and convert it into energy.

Ginger Root Extract

I’m sure you know what are the uses of ginger. It is used in adiphene for two main reasons.

First, it acts as a detoxifying agent for your entire body. Second, it improves digestion so that your digestive system don’t mess with the fat that has to be removed from your body.

Thermogenic Ingredients

A thermogenic ingredient is one that boost metabolism rate and produces heat by metabolic activity. Adiphene has two thermogenic ingredients.

Cayenne Capsicum

Commonly known as cayenne pepper. It helps your body burn fat. The spice produces heat in your body. As a result, your body needs a lot of energy to cool itself and that’s where it starts burning calories. It is estimated that cayenne helps your body burn as much as 300 calories per day by increasing body temperature.

Cinnamon Extract

Cinnamon is known for its ability to reduce insulin resistance in human body. It also helps control blood sugar level. This ensures that food you eat is consumed slowly so that you don’t feel lethargic and low in energy. While your body is busy burning calories, cinnamon extract keeps you on track.

Fat Binder

A fat binder attaches itself to the fat that you eat at prevents it from getting absorbed in your body and thus it prevents your body from storing fat.

Chitosan Extract

It ensures that all the fat from your stomach is carried to digestive system where it is eliminate from your body via large intestine. As a result, a major proportion of fat that you eat is not stored in your body rather it is eliminated.

Appetite Suppressant

It is used to control hunger and make you feel full. Adiphene has one appetite suppressant.


It is a water soluble dietary fiber that is used as an appetite suppressant. As soon as it reaches your stomach, it absorbs water and inflates in size. Thus, it occupies your stomach and makes you feel full.


There are several reported benefits of using adiphene that make it stand out from the crowd and one of the best weight loss supplements.

  • Adiphene uses natural ingredients that are safe to consume.
  • All the ingredients are scientifically proven to help weight loss in one or another way.
  • It helps your body in multiple ways by suppressing hunger, boosting metabolism rate, and increasing energy level.
  • It reduces fat absorption and acts as an active fat inhibitor.
  • The supplement comes from a fairly famous and well-known company.
  • No need to diet or do exercise when using adiphene.


  • Clinically and scientifically proven formula.
  • Safe and natural ingredients.
  • Easy-to-consume.
  • Available worldwide.
  • Caffeine-free formula.
  • No prescription needed.


  • Regular use is necessary if you wish to see real results. This is, unfortunately, not what customers want. So if you’re looking for a quick fix, adiphene isn’t for you.
  • It needs time to show results.

Customer Reviews and Results

So what does customers say about adiphene?

Those who have used it, and used it consistently for a few good months, seem to be quite happy with it. The results are phenomenal as you’ll see in before and after pictures below.

There are customers who didn’t like adiphene because it didn’t work for them. There are two reasons why it didn’t work.

  1. People expect a lot from it and when they don’t see results in a week, they lose hope and quit. Here is what a customer wrote after using adiphene.

screenshot of adiphene amazon customer review

Indeed, it is not a magic.

  1. Though adiphene claims that you don’t have to do any dieting but imagine if you’re 250 lbs. and wish to lose 100lbs, you’ve to cut all the junk that you eat. If you don’t, adiphene won’t be of much help.

Adiphene reviews and results are overall encouraging and customers seem to be happy. You just have to make sure you use it regularly and take a step forward by cutting junk food.

Adiphene Before and After Images

Here are a few real before and after pictures that are an indication of the fact that adiphene does work provided you don’t lose hope.

Maggie Williams Reshaped Herself in 8 Months

She used adiphene for 8 months and lost all the extra weight she wanted. Here is what she has to say about her body transformation:

“These pills give me all the energy I needed for the workout. Adiphene has changed my life forever.”

So she didn’t just stick to the pills but she did exercise too. That’s how you boost its effect.

Valerie Barnett Lost 40 Pounds in 4 Months

This lucky girl lost 40 pounds in just 4 months. She kept taking adiphene pills and it worked for her. Though she was a bit nervous at the start but once she noticed improvement, she never looked back.

Jessie Myers’s Weight Loss Journey

She has been using adiphene for 6 months and her journey has been fantastic as you can is in the picture above.

She says:

“The weight loss journey has been insane. I eat far less than what I used to eat 6 months back. I don’t feel hungry too much and the best thing is that I didn’t experience any side effects.”

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How to Use Adiphene

It comes in a bottle. Each bottle contains 60 capsules which are enough for a month.

The recommended dose is 2 capsules per day. It is strongly recommended that you don’t overdose. Taking more than 2 capsules a day won’t boost weight loss process.

Take one capsule with a glass of water (8oz) at least 20 minutes before breakfast and take another capsule 20 minutes before lunch.

You’ve to make sure you take your capsule before the meal and not after it.

For best results, it is recommended to use adiphene for at least 3 months as this is the optimal time period when your body gets used to the change.

Adiphene Side Effects

It has no known side effects.

According to a Sarah who used adiphene for some time:

“I have used adiphene for two weeks and it didn’t work for me but it is not hurting me either so I’ll continue using it for the entire month.”

This is encouraging because if it doesn’t work, it won’t harm you.

In some cases, people might feel insomnia, headache, and tachycardia. If, at any moment, you feel it is not working for you, immediately consult a physician and stop its use.

People with known heart disease, blood pressure issues, diabetic patients, and pregnant females should consult their physician before using adiphene.

Adiphene Vs Phen375

In terms of ingredients, adiphene is much better as compared to Phen375.

But since Phen375 has been on the market for years and it has thousands of satisfied customers and several clinically proven studies, it is still a much better weight loss supplement.

Adiphene is still new but has a better and powerful formula. It has fewer clinical proven studies. It needs more time to settle down.

Phen375 is superior in terms of its positive customer reviews and track record while adiphene is better in terms of its composition, formula, and powerful ingredients.

The good news is that both come from the same company so if one has performed well over time, we can expect the second one to do the same.

Where to Buy Adiphene

Adiphene is not available in any local retail stores. It can only be purchased online through Adiphene official website. It is shipped all over the world so it doesn’t matter where you live, you’ll get it delivered at your doorstep.

Click here to buy adiphene.


Adiphene is a natural and safe weight loss supplement that has no known side effects. The ingredients make it a powerful fat burner that increases your metabolism and suppresses hunger. The rest becomes easy.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, this your chance. You can give a try to Adiphene. If you’ll use it regularly, you’ll see improvement in no time.

Stop thinking, act now.

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