Most of the times, people get stuck to choose a healthy diet plan for weight loss. A lot of people cannot decide what to eat to lose weight. If you get to know which foods to eat, weight loss becomes pretty much simple.

There are certain fruits and vegetables that play a significant role in losing weight. At the same time, these foods provide all the nutrition the body needs and are low-calorie foods.

Today, I am going to share 9 best fruits and vegetables for weight loss that can change your life forever. These fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, fiber, and several other nutrients that boost help you lose weight naturally.

Let’s have a one by one look on 9 fruits and vegetables to get rid of extra pounds.


1. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is an excellent fruit to lose weight. Drinking grapefruit juice prior to the meals is best for weight loss.

Grapefruit lowers the blood sugar level and also provide enough nutrition to the body. Eventually, you will eat less and will lose weight. Grapefruit also contains many antioxidants that play an effective role to burn fats.

A study published in Medical news today elaborates the significance of grapefruit in weight loss process.

2. Apple

As we all know that eating an apple in a day keeps away from the doctor. But, apple is also very helpful for weight loss process. Apple provides enough fiber to the body and some compounds in the apple burn fats.

Apple regulates the blood sugar level and boosts the metabolic rate. Polyphenols in the apple produce bacteria that increases metabolism. Eating apples also give you a sense of fullness and you eat less. Apple is very common food for weight loss process.

Many studies have shown that apple aids in weight loss. A medium sized apple contains almost 70 calories and a lot of water. Apple is incredibly effective to make a smarter shape.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is a famous vegetable to lose weight. One cup of broccoli provides a lot of meal in size but, it is low in calories. One cup of broccoli comes up with 54 calories only.

Broccoli is rich in vitamin A, K and C. It provides enough nutrition level that is necessary for the body. Taking broccoli in the morning is best. The fiber in the broccoli plays an extremely important role to give you a sense of fullness.

Broccoli promotes metabolic rate and aids in losing weight. Broccoli is equally important to fight with cancer, diabetes, and heart-related diseases. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has published a report about the importance of broccoli for weight loss.

4. Cabbage

Cabbage does not directly burn the fats. But, at the same time, cabbage is ideal for weight loss process. Sometimes, you should be calculated in your diet because of some foods, like cabbage, are excellent make an important role in weight loss in spite of burning the fats.

Cabbage is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It is ideal to boost the immune system. Cabbage is low in calories and a cup of cabbage provides 30 calories.

5. Strawberry

Strawberry is also an excellent fruit to lose weight. Most important point about strawberries is that it is low in calories and still contains fiber and sugar. A cup of strawberries only has 50 calories and 7 grams of sugar.
Strawberries help in weight loss in these three methods:

  • Strawberries increase the production of a hormone that helps in weight loss and boosts the metabolism.
  • Strawberries slow down the mechanism of digestion of foods that contain starch. Eventually, it reduces blood sugar level and helps in weight loss.
  • Strawberries contain fiber and vitamin C that play an effective role to boost metabolic rate.

Harvard research proves that strawberries play a significant role in weight reduction and weight maintenance.

6. Avocado

Avocado is a unique fruit. It is rich in Vitamin K and C. Avocado contains a lot of fiber. Avocado is helpful for weight loss and for many other diseases.

Fatty acids in avocado boost the metabolic rate that eventually aids in weight loss. Avocado is very much helpful in heart-related diseases too. It lowers the cholesterol level. Avocado is full of healthy fats. These fats do not make you gain weight. Instead, these fats make you healthier.

Antioxidants in avocado are also very helpful for eye related issues. It strengthens the nerves of eyes.

More importantly, avocado is a tasty fruit that can be easily included into your diet.

7. Spinach

Spinach is a healthy and low-calorie food. While dieting for weight loss, the biggest problem is hunger control. Here comes the role of spinach, it slows down the process of digestion and gives a signal to the brain that there is no need of any food.

Spinach contains enough fiber and carbohydrates to make you healthy. Effectively, spinach is an excellent source of iron that makes you healthy and reduces the side effects of dieting.

There are several studies on the role of spinach in weight loss process. Spinach increases the metabolic rate and makes you smart.

8. Cucumber

Cucumber is full of water. It contains 96{6f6325e81006090c67b24799731aac0121cbc6cbed9a6704f5a30a9474cd8037} of water. Cucumbers are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have many health benefits. It is a low-calorie vegetable.

Antioxidants in cucumber are excellent for weight reduction. Antioxidants increase the level of metabolism and burn fats in turn. If you are eating cucumbers in your diet, it means that you are consuming low-calorie and, obviously, calorie deficit is also great for weight loss.

9. Watermelon

Watermelons contain most of the water. One watermelon has 93{6f6325e81006090c67b24799731aac0121cbc6cbed9a6704f5a30a9474cd8037} water. Watermelons are low in calories and, at the same time, a very tasty fruit.

Watermelon comes up with a compound called Citrulline. Citrulline is an excellent compound that plays an important role in fat burn. Additionally, citrulline is also important in the production of lower fats and in turn weight reduction is for sure.

On the other hand, watermelon contains many vitamins and compounds that are very good for the body.

At the end, now it becomes a lot easier to know what to eat for weight loss. It has been proven in different studies that these 9 fruits and vegetables are extraordinary in weight reduction.

These 9 fruits and vegetables are low in calories and, of course, provide all the essential vitamins and minerals to remain healthy.

Eat these 9 fruits and vegetables and lose pounds.