what you should eat in dinner to lose weight

Dinner, just like breakfast and lunch, is crucial to your body. You need to refuel throughout the day just like you would refuel your vehicle. Dinner is the last meal you eat for the day, besides the occasionally late night snack. Dinner is where you get your protein, energy, and nutrition to help you sleep and get through the rest of the evening. However, people assume that when you want to lose weight, you have to starve yourself or eat a light salad. Not the…Continue Reading “What You Should Eat in Dinner to Lose Weight”

healthy recipes for weight loss on a budget

Losing weight isn’t easy. It needs time and dedication. Most people do not have the money to get trainers, nutritionist, and chefs to help with weight loss and diet. Here are five recipes that are healthy and will help you lose weight like an expert on a budget. 1. Chicken Soup on a Diet Ingredients Two tsp of mixed herbs 500 ml of chicken stock Two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil Salt Pepper Medium carrot One crushed garlic clove 200 grams of tomatoes chopped…Continue Reading “5 Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss on a Budget”

Losing weight is not only about the intensive workout and crash dieting but also to find a way to lose in a healthy manner. Most of the time, it has been observed that people go for extreme exercise and crash dieting. Yes, it is obvious that they get rid of some extra pounds but, at the same time, they experience a lot of side effects such as weakness, eyesight problems, and rough facial skin. Well, today, I’ll share some killer meal plans that will reduce…Continue Reading “9 Killer Meal Plans for Extreme Weight Loss”