5 Detailed Diet Charts for Losing Weight

Are you struggling to find that perfect diet chart? Are you looking for the best diet charts for losing weight?

The diet charts discussed below will help you start losing weight from this very day. Let’s jump to details.


1. 7 Day Low Carb Meal Plan

7 Day Low Carb Meal Plan
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This is a low-carb diet plan for 7 days. If you adopt this diet plan, it is for sure that it will restrict your carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrate is a powerful source that body stores in the shape of fats.

This diet chart will provide up to 900 calories in a day. Most of the calories will be taken through fats and proteins. By adopting this diet chart, you‘ll not need to eat more than 30% carbohydrates in your daily diet. The remaining 70% will come from proteins and fats.

Carbs VS Insulin

The science behind restricting the carb intake is that when carbs are digested by the stomach these carbs are converted into glucose by the body. When glucose is produced, the body releases the more insulin that store the glucose in the shape of body fats.

On the other hand, if you continue your diet plan with this chart, it will restrict your carbs intake and, eventually, your body will produce less insulin and fewer fats will be stored in the body.

If you increase the intake of calories from proteins and fats, it increases the process of fat burning and also increases the metabolic rate of the body. Hence, that in turn cause in weight reduction.

2. Healthy Weekly Diet Chart

Healthy Weekly Diet Chart
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Unlike low-carb diet chart, this diet chart is designed for a healthy dieting. You‘ll start losing weight about 1 pound in a week by adopting the diet chart. This diet chart does not provide you with any snacks between the meals.

On average, you will take up to 1200 calories in a day if you get on this diet plan. The beauty of this diet chart is that it will provide all the essential nutrients that a body requires. It is a mixture of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

This diet chart is more focusing on the low-fat dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese but, remember that all these should be low-fat. In this diet plan, you can also eat fruits that are low in carbohydrates such as avocado, strawberries and apple to some extent.

You must make sure that you are using whole wheat products while eating burgers and toasts. Proteins are also an integral part of this diet plan. Fish, chicken, turkey and lamb meat are allowed in this diet chart.

At the end, this diet chart will result in a healthy weight loss because it focuses on healthy diet.

3. Vegan Diet chart

Vegan Diet chart
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Vegan diet chart is a basically vegan diet. In the vegan diet, you can eat all the foods that are related to plants and you are not allowed to eat those foods that are related to the animal. Even, you cannot eat dairy products such as milk, eggs and honey.

Vegan diet chart is a very effective diet chart for weight loss. Several studies have shown that vegan diet is an ideal diet for weight loss process. However, this diet consists of the bulk of carbohydrates and a very low on fats.

Fats are not from dairy or animal related, instead, the fat is extracted from plants.

However, experts say that this type of diet can be dangerous too because it does not cover up proteins and fats that are necessary for the body to perform some unique functions.

However, encouraging results are found for weight loss by the vegan diet. This diet plan cut off proteins and fats from your diet. Yes, it is true that it can be fatal if you adopt this diet plan for a long time because it does not provide healthy minerals and nutrients that are found in fats and proteins.

4. Intermittent Fasting Diet Chart

Intermittent Fasting Diet Chart
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Unlike the above-discussed diet charts, intermittent fasting is not a diet that is related to calories or nutrition level. Intermittent fasting is basically to change your eating patterns. You need to eat according to your routine but you have to increase duration.

The very common method of intermittent fasting is 16/8: you have to eat your normal food in the window of 8 hours and you have to fast for 16 hours in the span of 24 hours.

You can see in the chart that only 8 hours are allowed for eating. However, the best benefit of 16 hours fasting is that you can spend 8 to 10 hours while sleeping and you will have to fast for fewer hours.

This diet basically gives a boost to your metabolic rate. When you are in the position of fasting, the body receives fewer carbs and low amount of insulin is produced by the body.

Lower insulin levels mean that body will not store the fats and you will lose weight in turn. Additionally, HGH is produced by the body and this compound is very effective in the fat burning process.

5. Atkin Diet Chart

Atkin Diet Chart
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Atkin diet chart is basically in 4 phases. You just need to restrict your carbs in this diet plan.

Results have shown that this diet plan is very effective and have very fewer side effects because of its phases. As you start losing weight this diet chart will increase your intake of carbs phase by phase and, as a result, you‘ll experience no side effects at all.

This diet plan focuses more on proteins and fats and restricts the number of carbs. However, the beauty of this diet plan is that it increases the number of carbs step by step.

You‘ll start losing weight immediately by adopting this diet plan. Interestingly, you are not supposed to do exercise in this diet plan. Atkin diet plan does not recommend any exercise for weight loss.

This is a very healthy diet plan in the last phase, it will include all the fruits in the last phase and you will enjoy a tasty diet plan.

At the end, all these diet charts are proven diet charts and it is guaranteed that you‘ll lose weight in heaps if you adopt any diet plan from the above-given list.

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